About Us

About Us

FromUsByUs is the expansion of Going-Natural.com's shop.

What we do

FromUsByUs is an international ecommerce platform for Black Hair care products and Diaspora inspired goods. We expand markets, offer services and economic opportunities for Black Hair Care entrepreneurs and small businesses from the Diaspora and beyond.

For centuries people have only taken from the Diaspora, exploiting the countries and its people, stereotyping and appropriating the culture.

Our mission is to re-imagine the Diaspora with our ecommerce platform using the power of business to strengthen communities and empower the people and their culture.

We offer seller services and tools that support Black Hair and Diaspora entrepreneurs to start, manage and scale their online business.

Through our platform millions of people can connect, online and offline, to sell and buy Black hair products and one of a kind treasures from the Diaspora.



Black girl with braids and beads in her hair